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Jack and Winn Beanies

It's that time of year again...BEANIE WEATHER.
Over here at Jack and Winn, we are more than ready for the crisp Fall air to arrive. So ready in fact, we started designing this seasons beanies last Fall! Now, the time has finally arrived, and Jack and Winn Fall 2017 Beanies have HIT. THE. SHOP. 
Soft, cozy, and totally hip, our three new beanie styles are the perfect Fall accessory to keep your little one warm this season. Way better, and definitely cuter, than any other beanie out there. And yes, we are biased. Don't trust our biased opinion? Try one for yourself with code "COZY" for 15% off any style beanie. 
*Available in size Baby/Toddler (up to 3T) and Child (4T+)
Jack and Winn Vintage Mustard
Jack and Winn Vintage Maroon
Jack and Winn Heather Blend
Jack and Winn Crosby Pom
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Drumroll please....


You spoke, we listened!

Dads everywhere were starting to get jealous.. and SO many of you were requesting matching hats that we got down to business and made it happen. Finally, right?! 

 We are so excited about the release and hope all of you are too!  We've LOVED seeing photos of our customers matching their little dudes (keep tagging us). Our Daddy & Me Snapbacks come in five styles:

  • Commander Camo 
  • Paddington Suede 
  • Henry Wool
  • The Original
  • Wool Trucker

VALENTINES is around the corner, and what better gift to get both of your loves than a matching set of the cutest (we may be a little biased) snapbacks around?! Don't forget to use our Valentines code "LOVEJW" for 15% off your order! 



Photo 1 & 2: HENRY WOOL



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How to Clean Your Snapback

Alright all of you Jack & Winn Snapback Owners. We figured this blog post was long overdue. I mean, we do sell a product that is handled with the stickiest of hands. Not to mention slobbered on, tossed around in the dirt, used as a cheerio bowl, and fed the occasional spoonful of yogurt at breakfast. Trust us.. we know the kid life can be messy. So here's what to do when crisis hits. 



Washing machines can be very damaging to your hat. They can bunch and snag the fabric, and can drastically alter the shape of the crown and brim. Instead, hand clean as gently as possible. You'll clean the hat and successfully avoid a threenager meltdown by saving your little one's favorite accessory. Follow these easy steps and your Jack & Winn Snapback will be playtime ready in a jiff.

What you'll need:  Warm water, mild laundry detergent or soap, a towel, and a toothbrush.

To spot clean your snapback:

Combine 1/4 cup of warm water with 1/4 tablespoon mild soap. Mix. Dip the toothbrush into the mixture and gently scrub the problem area in a circular motion. Wipe clean with a damp towel and allow to air dry. You'll be amazed at how effective this is.

To wash your snapback inside and out:

Combine 1/2 cup of warm water with 1/2 tablespoon mild soap. Mix. Dip a small towel into the mixture and gently scrub the inside and outside of your hat. When cleaned to your liking, wipe down the hat with a damp towel and allow to air dry. If the hat is extremely wet, it is best to place it on a head-shaped object, such as a ball, so that it doesn't lose its' shape while drying. 

And there you have it.. An easy peasy way to keep your Jack & Winn Snapback looking good as new! 

"Kid Life" T-shirt from www.thiskidclothing.com
Snapback  Elephant Wool-Blend Snapback 




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Hello friends,

Happy New Year! We sincerely hope 2017 is a great one for you. We have so many plans for Jack & Winn and can't wait to let you in on all of them. Today we are finally posting photos from our most recent photoshoot. We rounded up some of the cutest kiddos around, brought plenty of fruit snacks, and stood behind the photographer acting like complete goofballs for a few hours to capture those perfect smiles.  


The hats featured in the shoot are part of our Camp Series, with a few of our older (but still rockin') styles mixed in. The clothing is mostly from ZARA, Old Navy and Gap. If you've had your eye on one of our snapbacks but don't know what to pair it with.. we've got you covered with this style guide post. Jack & Winn is completely dedicated to providing a high-quality product no matter how teeny tiny the size. Sizes fit 7 months to 6 years with an exceptional fit. 

All photos were taken by Kailey Rae Photography www.kaileyraephotography.com



Jack (21 months) and Winston (3 years)

Jack & Winn Heather Beanie - Baby & Toddler Sizes

Beck (10 months) wearing size Small

(Left to Right) Olive Camp Series, Mustard Camp Series,
Wool Camp Series, & Camo Camp Series Snapbacks.

Hope these cute littles give you some stylin' outfit ideas! If you made it this far, use the code OHSNAP for 15% off your next order. Happy Shopping!

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Why we love the Wool-Blend Snapback

This week's highlighted product IS... (drumroll)....  
our baby/toddler Jack & Winn Wool-Blend Snapback.

We would tell you to snag one right away.. but doing so may just make your little one cooler than you. Definitely more stylish, much more hip.                                                              

Itty-bitty Jack & Winn snapbacks that look just like daddy's hats will do that. We all know little humans are irresistible.. but give them a teeny-tiny snapback and you'll be borrowing their bib to catch your drool.  

We've chosen to highlight this hat first because the Wool-Blend is a team favorite around here. Our hats are tested by Jack, Winn, and their pals (mainly cousins, neighbors, and parallel playmates). We've found the wool-blend to be unbelievably durable. Its construction simply employs a tougher fabric. You see if we were pieces of clothing, we wouldn't want to be size 2T.. Yogurt, snot, DIRT, juice, crayons, you name it. It has been wiped, spilled, splashed, or ground into every inch of their clothing. Moms everywhere are painfully aware of this fact.

Because of the fabrics blended qualities, the little things don't show up and the big things more easily blend in. Not only does it maintain a fresh appearance, it's also super stylin' and mimics a more mature design. 

The brims are made of cotton and the snapback closure makes it size adjustable. It maintains a soft, comfortable feel despite its durability.

If you want to be stopped by moms every time you go to Costco, buy a wool-blend snapback (and pass along our name - that's Winn with two n's).  If you need help with sizing, let us know! You can consult our size chart, using a string or shoelace - if you don't have a soft measuring tape - to grab your child's measurement. It's simple, we promise. Buy your Jack & Winn Wool-Blend Snapback here!


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